“I have lost over 50 lbs in 4 months. Working with Erika has been fun and she keeps pushing me to work hard to achieve my goals.”

I had ankle surgery and said I would never run again, but with Erika’s support and persistence I love to run now. I went from no I can’t, to I think I am addicted to running in 3 months! Working with Erika has made exercising easier and a lot more fun. I have also learned a lot about health and nutrition and that it is ok to treat myself sometimes. – Courtney

No matter what shape you are in, Erika starts where you are. I had never worked with weights before, so it was a new experience. Each week she pushes me harder than I think I can do, but I do it. I can see and feel the difference since I started working with Erika—and my friends and family have noticed it too. -Mary Jo

I have really enjoyed working with you and it is to your credit that I have, through thoughtful exercise, been able to do more physically after my surgery than I even thought possible. – Peter

After 40, I came to the realization that I was going to need to make a change to my workout. I could no longer just run and expect the same results I got when I was 20. That is why I decided to seek help from a personal trainer and was introduced to Erika. I am so happy that I made that choice, because I have never been stronger or felt better! I watched inches melt away as I was introduced to exercises that build muscle and burn calories. Now I know how to mix up my workouts to get the results I am looking for, and also, make my workouts challenging and fun. -Kim

“I am a 53 year old woman who needed to learn how to take care of herself. My quest to become more healthy and fit came with a bit of shock. At the age of 49 I was told that I was having a heart attack. The moment of truth had hit me. Yes, you are overweight. Yes, you are out of shape. Yes, you need to take care of yourself. All of these things I was not ready to do and didn’t know how to go about it. I had a choice. Learn or not live long.”

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