Inspiration & Partners

Recommended Videos:

  • Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – Another HIGHLY recommended film to watch. Inspirational to all. Anyone who is on medications or has chronic issues and is overweight should especially watch this. Available on Netflix streaming or renting. Once you watch it, it would be great to hear your thoughts.
  • Hungry for Change – Available on Netflix streaming or renting.  Watch trailer


Recommended Local Wellness Businesses:

I have personally experienced the below services.

  • Madison Upper Cervical Center – Valerie Briski.  Gentle approach to spinal alignment. Truly amazing results.
  • Jenna Dreager Wellness – Meal Plans, Reiki,  Physical Therapy
  • Martingilio Martial Arts – Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, Conceal and Carry classes
  • Sport & Spine Clinic – Manual Physical Therapy
  • Madison Community Acupuncture – Comfortable group sessions to keep prices down. He works on many complicated issues I have not had success elsewhere.

If my hours, location or style do not match yours, I have some great TRUSTED alternatives.

  • Fitness Solutions – Matt McKenzie; Small group classes and personal training (Near downtown)
  • Abby Brockman Fitness – AM Bootcamps (Middleton)
  • Custom Fitness Specialists – Lisa Ferran; Small group classes and personal training (Sun Prairie)



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