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Madison Body Fitness focuses on specialized coaching based group fitness classes.  The reason why group classes work so well is largely due to the relationships that form between members and the energy level and motivation that surrounds you that you just can’t get on your own. I know that there are all too many things that throw us off track when it comes to getting in shape, but staying healthy and fit is a lifelong commitment that we owe to ourselves. Come join a challenging and fun class and be with others who have similar goals. We can help each other succeed.
Certified in:
Personal Training . Kettlebell . TRX . Pre/Postpartum Fitness

Experience working with older adults, beginners, minor injuries, overall health, and foam rolling techniques.

I also teach or have taught for for MSCR, Supreme Health and Fitness, Harbor Athletic Club and CORE Athletic


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Madison Body Fitness and Community Involvement

River Food Pantry Donations

4 Lakes Wildlife Center volunteer

Contributed to Raffles for:

Dane by Local

Middleton Good Neighbor Fest

Supranet for High Tech Happy Hour Anniversary

By Women for Women

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