Set Yourself Up For Success in 2013

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New years fitness resolutions.
Good intentions that don’t last.

Sound familiar? This is because our expectations are often too big or unrealistic.

THE KEY TO SUCCESS is that goals should be attainable in a SHORT period of time so they become a habit. If it’s too hard, you’ll end up not sticking with it. Set yourself small goals, and when you reach them give yourself a reward, then set a new goal. This is building from the bottom up. When we build a house we start with the foundation and build up. You can’t lose 20-50lbs or stop drinking your vise of choice overnight and expect to be successful long term.

  • Example 1: I will drink half the amount of soda/coffee this month, next month down to 1/4 or original and so forth. Got that licked, then move onto better diet (Less processed food is a great place to start…refined sugars, flours, grains)
  • Example 2: I have x amount of time to spend on working out. (Let’s say 1 hour 4x/week). Great but don’t bite off too much. Start out with less and build, giving yourself a reward. Maybe it is only 30mins for 3 days. Make it so you can be CONSISTENT for an entire month and PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR. Make it your priority or you will find every excuse not to do it.

NEED HELP WITH THAT COFFEE OR SODA HABIT? I have just the trick for you. Still has some caffeine at beneficial levels, no sugar and gives you sustaining energy (no crash). I love this stuff when I need a pick me up.  No jitters no crash, low calories. Contact me for a sample or to order.


  • Exercise correctlyDon’t be one of those people we all see at gyms and in fitness classes with injuries and  muscle imbalances due to improper exercise.
  • Exercise efficientlyMaximize your results with exercise programs that are made for you, not your neighbor.
  • It’s best to get this guidance in the beginning to start off on the right foot by getting the most out of a correct and efficient exercise program just for you.

Happy Holidays & Good Luck!

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