Quick 10 min Work Out – Bottom & Tummy Shaper

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Exercises you can do with out equipment.

Static LungesĀ  (Legs) – Static means keeping your feet in one position. NOT switching legs.

  • 12 each leg. Burn out one before moving on to the other


Bridge – (Butt, Hamstrings)

Try lifting 1 leg at a time. To regress, both feet should be on the floor. Really squeeze yor glurs.

  • 12 each leg


Side Lunges (Legs – lateral)

  • 12 each leg


Knee Rotation – (Abs)

Knees glued together while laying on your back. Rotate your knee slowly to each side.

  • 10-12 each direction


Scissors – (Abs and thighs)

  • 15


Leg Lowering (Abs)

  • 10-12 each leg or if advanced lower both legs at the same time.

Repeat 2 times through and feel those bodies BURN!


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