How the heck do I get started working out?

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How to get started. My previous blog post will give you some tips on that, most importantly how to keep going. It sounds simple enough to just say “Get your hinies to the gym or work out at home” but it is one of the biggest problems we have it actually doing it. We humans are great at thinking about things but when it comes down to action, MANY of us fall short.

You MUST have a reason to work out to make it a priority. There is always the generic stuff…”I want lose weight, feel better” etc. These are HUGE but not big enough. You HAVE to make it VERY personal.

For example,  if I don’t work out regularly I will

  1. Not be able to play with my kids.
  2. My significant other will leave me (This is a bit harsh but lets face it. You have to be attracted to your long term mate). If he met you as a happy thin person and you are now a depressed overweight person this can be a problem. Changes in mood, attitude are very normal with weight gain.
  3. Better yet…I want to feel sexy. Confidence goes a long way.
  4. I want to make my children or spouse proud.
  5. There is a strong chance I will die if I don’t (family history or current health issues)


  1. Now grab a piece of paper and WRITE your reasons down NOW.
  2. Next SCHEDULE your work out times in. It is way too easy to say “I will do it tomorrow”. Make sure the entire family knows your schedule your reasons why and that you need their SUPPORT.
  3. Be CONSISTENT for 28 days with your routine to make it a habit. It is much easier after that. If you mess up a week and don’t work out the count down starts over so make sure you are starting this at a realistic time. Please still work out, but keep in mind to make it a HABIT it has to be done consistently for 28 days.
  4. Last thing I will say on this is let yourself make MISTAKES. It is ok to mess up, we are flawed creatures. If you skip a day don’t beat yourself up or if you eat a giant cupcake or a whole bag of chips don’t tell yourself you can have more because you failed and what’s the point now. Pick yourself back up say “Tomorrow is a new day”. The last 3 days I did GREAT! Keep track of your successes each week based off of your goal.

It is always a good idea to hire a personal trainer if you are just starting out to make sure you are exercising properly and the most effectively.

Good Luck and YOU CAN DO IT.

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