Summer Wrap Up, Notes and Help.

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Hi everyone,

This is a different post then you normally see. It’s going to be very personal. As most of you know August is my birthday and July 23rd is my husbands. We are not gift givers but just enjoy each others company and celebrate our birthdays together. We went canoe camping on the Namekagon River in Hayward with some friends from Minnesota. It was one of those hot hot weekends and we were worried about being sardines in a frying pan. This trip was awesome. We paddled 29 miles in 2 days, swam in the river and had some tasty food and yes your trainer had alcohol and chocolate. Large amounts of wine was consumed over that weekend. I encourage you all to try canoe/camping if you are an outdoorsy person.

EVENTS: We also tried skydiving for the first time in July with Seven Hills Skydivers. That was AWESOME! Try it. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. It’s liberating.

We also had the pleasure of going to a rodeo in Elkhorn last weekend. It is so amazing to see the riding skills of these folks though I do not like/support some of the events after seeing them and looking them up on the internet on the way home. Some events put those animals in too much danger for injury and that didn’t set well with us.

FUTURE: Now I prepare to head back to school for Physical Therapy Assistant next week, well at least my science pre-reqs. I have to take Biology, Chemistry and applied math for Chemistry. YIKES. Thank goodness I married a math genius and great teacher. Then I will have more time after those while I am on the waiting list to get into the core classes. I hope to transition this into my business adding more therapeutic services to my skill set though this will be down the road. In the mean time I have 3 great subs taking over my Tues/Thur classes until Oct 18th until my 1 class finishes up. Please make sure to communicate with them and to me to make sure you get the same great service. I will want to hear from you how it is going in class.

HELP: I will be very busy until January and in the mean time I REALLY need your help to keep the classes running. I need my soldiers (YOU) to invite friend, neighbors, co-workers, anyone you know to try out a class for free or get a group together for small group personal training. I have to say it has been rather difficult running a business and I appreciate the support I have gotten. I am looking for people that I can talk to about their fitness past, successes and failures, what they are looking for etc on top of people just trying out a class. Sharing things on your Facebook pages and Linked In accounts are huge. I can give you handouts to place in your office or favorite coffee shop or library. Anyone who is willing to talk to me will get some free fitness advice so we can learn from each other. I help you become healthy and strong and you help me stay sane and help more people…deal?

THANK YOU: So thank you again for everything. You are all awesome and I will miss seeing my night crew. I will try to get a weekend event planned that we can all meet out for dinner or a drink just to catch up.

  • Think back and reflect on the summer.
  • Appreciate all the fun you had. New friends, new experiences?
  • Wake up every morning and be thankful for what you have. It could be worse.
  • As we head into fall, keep your routines going as we head into the dark/cold mornings. Exercise makes you FEEL better.
  • Don’t forget to set short term goals at least monthly. Use your member Videos section for these forms.  How many times a week for exercise, Tabatas, how many healthy meal per week, how many times did you turn down eating out etc.
  • Stay positive and patient with your body.
  • For major changes to your body you MUST change your diet. Let me help you with that. Small steps.

The challenges I have given you. How are you doing on them? If you forgot you can refer back to the Facebook group page.

Oh and don’t forget to welcome Abby, Peter and Marcel starting August 28th for your PM classes until I am done with a class until October 23rd.

“Stay Motivated” – Madison Body Fitness


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