Why do I get nauseaus or light headed when working out?

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One of the most common causes of feeling nausea and lightheaded after an exercise session is overexertion. If you are working out beyond your abilities, your body cannot supply enough oxygen to your brain, which can lead to feeling lightheaded followed by a feeling of nausea. Being dehydrated can have the same effect, as can working out on an empty stomach, which can contribute to low blood sugar. In some instances, an underlying medical problem, may cause such symptoms.

Water. Always drink sixteen ounces of fluid two hours before a workout and another sixteen ounces afterwards. Avoid fluids that have sugar or caffeine. Keep a water bottle nearby and take small sips of water every ten minutes during a workout, particularly if it’s warm. Avoid drinking large quantities of water since it can slosh around in your stomach and make you feel heavier.

Inadequate breathing. If you don’t get enough air then your whole body stops. When this happens just stop for a minute, catch your breath(don’t stop too long) and get going!

Other reasons for feeling this way during exercise include low blood pressure, blood pooling, anemia or simply engaging in too intense a workout. Blood pooling occurs after performing deadlifts or squats when blood rushes to areas of the body that need immense amounts of energy. Low blood pressure or anemia need to be checked out by a physician, who will recommend methods to correct these conditions.

As you work out more your body becomes more efficient.  Regular exercise makes the cardiorespiratory system more efficient by enlarging the heart muscle, enabling more blood to be pumped with each stroke, and increasing the number of small arteries in trained skeletal muscles, which supply more blood to working muscles. Exercise improves the respiratory system by increasing the amount of oxygen that is inhaled and distributed to body tissue.

What does this mean? You need to be consistent with your exercise, work at your level and be patient with your body.  It took time to get you out of shape, it takes time to get you back into shape especially if your diet could use some work.  Don’t slack for too long once you have started a program so you don’t have to feel like that again.

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